“Promoting appreciation of wine through education”

The American Wine Society (AWS) is a non-profit educational organization for those interested in learning about all aspects of wine.

 Our chapter is a closed chapter, only open to MRMLP residents. 

 Meetings are held monthly and last approximately 2-3 hours

 Cost: $15.00 per meeting  for non members of the American Wine Society  (AWS)

 $10.00 for Members of the AWS

 Non Members of the AWS can only attend 3 meeting as a guest. 

 After the third meeting they must join the AWS.  The current rate is $49.00 per year

 This is a non-profit chapter.  The cost per meeting is used to purchase wines for the tastings.  Any excess funds will be given back to the members in some way, or donated to our Historical Society.  The chapter will be operated for the benefit of the members; no individual will receive financial benefit.


It’s important to underscore that chapter events are tastings -- not parties.

 If you are interested in attending, please forward your email to mrmlchapteroftheaws@aol.com and we will send you notices of chapter events.

NOTE: This society and/or the local chapter is not directly affiliated with the Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association.

Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association