Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association

Trout Galore!

Wilkes-Barre Township recently stocked 1,500 trout in Meadow Run Lake for the 18th annual Mayor Carl Kuren's Fishing Derby at the Wilkes-Barre Township Settlement Camp! The Association was glad to support and contribute to this wonderful event for the children! With only around 200 fish taken during the derby, lots were left over to enjoy life in our "backyard", including several dozen already over 22"!

To all of our trout fishermen, enjoy!

This black bear was seen in July 2016, taking a nice cool dip in the lake before wandering on, looking for something to eat.

Thanks to John Weihbrecht for the long distance photos!

Living Large!

This Black Bear pictured in the photo below was seen in a yard on West Ave.
scratching its' back against the tree.

As a safety tip, remember not to approach any bear that might find itself on your property. The standard rule of thumb is to leave them alone and they will wander back into the woods. If they are damaging property or look to be injured or suffering from some type of illness, you are asked to contact 911 and report the information so that the PA Game Commission can be properly notified.
For more information on the PA Game Commission, please visit their website at:

Fly Like an Eagle!

This beauty was seen flying over Meadow Run Lake, no doubt on the lookout for something to eat.

Thanks to John Weihbrecht for the long distance photos!

Attention Member and Guests:
In 2014, we stocked approximately 500 black crappie in an attempt to reestablish the population in both of our lakes.   Some fish were 10 inches or more.....nice enough for anyone to keep.   

Therefore, we are asking that all black crappie are released if caught until further notice.

Thank you for your assistance in achieving this goal.