Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association

The dams of both Meadow Run and Mountain Lakes are inspected on an annual basis, to ensure that they are in good working condition in the event of heavy rains; being able to withstand an increase in water flow as well as a sizeable increase in the volume of water that they would normally hold under nominal or optimum conditions.

The waters that exit both of these lakes finds itself flowing through the woods in Meadow Run Creek, and eventually entering the Bear Creek Lake which is located on State Route 115
in Bear Creek Village Borough.  

These dam inspections are coordinated by the Association Dams Committee.

Mountain Lake Dam

The dam at Mountain Lake, reconstructed in the late 1980's, helps to contain the over 62 million gallons of water, covering 38 acres in what is commonly known as the "Front Lake," bordering Thornhurst Road.

Meadow Run Lake Dam

The dam at Meadow Run Lake, reconstructed in 2009, holds over 136 million gallons of water. Meadow Run Lake is supplied with continuous fresh mountain spring water, covering 92 acres and through the spillway contained in the dam it supplies water to the lower level Mountain Lake.